friendly reminder that the thumbs up thing makes me look alot cuter

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oh you’re watching sword art online? i love that anime. the way they [clenches fist] sexualize every female character and turn them into disposable plot devices for their generic cookie cutter male protagonist

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Hi folks!

So I only have about six commissions left in my queue… and I need a little money for rent and food, so I’m opening up commissions!

Things I will do:

- nsfw
- kinky stuff
- oc/canon characters

Pricing is negotiable! I work hourly, so if you would like a quote, please email me! Sketches start at about 15$ for a halfbody/bust, and increase from there depending on the style of art you are interested in!

Please email me at: NEROSFISHBOWL@GMAIL.COM For more information and a more detailed quote!

Also I’d really appreciate reblogs!! Money is getting a smidge tight so it would mean a lot to me :)

Thank you!

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I was trying to do homework today but this dork wouldn’t let me




awkward how reassuring i find this

well ya duh society shames speech patterns associated with young women

"Speech fillers" are just a human’s way of saying "wait a sec I’m thinking". It means we think more before we speak, always trying to find the right way to say it. Every language has them. And people shouldn’t be annoyed by it, ever.

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Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1