In this Field of dreams
Gazing at the infinite possibilities 
The future twinkles
With dazzlingly wonders

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my anaconda don’t

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Yo! I don’t have a job but I have some art skills. I really wanna help Nova out and the best thing I can do is take commissions and donate that money to the cause! You’ll be helping out a 2 year old get a heart and art in the process! Coolio right? I hope so! 

My goal is to make at least $100 to donate to Nova’s gofundme page.

Here’s my art and the rates!

I’ll only be taking 3 slots of each commission type! Everything is in full color! Here’s my art tumblr and deviantart if you want a bigger idea on my style!

Chibi Slots

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

Bust Slots

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

Fullbody Slots

  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

Please reblog to get this around! And also reblog the original fundraiser post please!

Message me if you’re interested before donating and I’ll tell you what to do about donating for a commission!

Another Artist Doing Commissions for Nova!
RisingPhoenix422 ‘s commission info! Reblog this one too please!

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Children of color are old enough to face racism when they’re born. Old enough to bear the weight of stereotypes & hate before their little eyes can focus. But somehow white kids are supposed to be too delicate & too shielded to even know race exists because somehow that might hurt them. When your definition of innocent child doesn’t include my babies? I know what you’re on & I don’t have any patience for the lies you tell yourself or your children.

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how many times have this two broken up seriously



omg bruce, you are the dramatic teenage girl in this relationship


if u ever need something to smile at here’s my dog in his raincoat